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Grape Tomatoes with Jester Hats

High bid
3 years 1 month 1 week ago

Dear Friends and Supporters,
Painting is a verb (present participle) and a noun. I always like the ones that evoke that in equal measure--fresh and juicy with gesture (or is that jester :P) Having clear subject matter is another balancing act because I like them to be equal parts representations of identifiable objects (i.e. grape tomatoes) and embodiments of qualia. (I'll let you look up "qualia" and go down that rabbit hole for a fun mental excursion.) So, also pointing outward and inward.

HEY! This week I am giving away a mystery 5" x 7" painting!  An original, not a print or giclee. To have your name in the hat, all you have to do is send me two email addresses of people you know who would enjoy being on my mailing list. They can't already be on it, of course.